I love you so bad

March 18, 2017

You, soft-spoken with penetrating green eyes.
Me, high-strung with the warm and always giddy smile.
Us, fiery and furiously in love.
Like the moon and stars, always just short of colliding.
I love you so bad.

You, gentle and never menacing.
Me, obscured by infatuation.
Us, clingy and disgustingly in love.
I love you so bad.

You, irrevocably beautiful.
Me, timid with a throbbing heart.
Us, picture-perfect.
I love you so bad.

You, outgoing and kind.
Me, messy and overwhelming.
Us, oddly inspiring.
I love you so bad.

You, punctual and right.
Me, clumsily wandering and star-struck.
Us, slightly magical.
I love you so bad.

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