My whole life is dedicated to being loud. Being desperate. Being boisterous and discombobulated. Laughing obnoxiously just makes the joy more real. My laughter can speak for me. Believe me, you’ll know when my smile is real. It’ll blind you like the sun. It will sparkle like snow lying on the pavement beneath the moon. My wide grin and starry eyes can melt the hearts of many. And sounding conceited is not something I’m afraid of because speaking up intrigues people. I will yell from rooftops and scream from the sky with words like “I love you”. Beauty isn’t always soft with pale skin and pink roses. Sometimes those roses smell harsh and have thorns that will cut up your palms. And sometimes yelling out in pain feels a lot better than laughing so loud your stomach hurts. That’s just realistic. And so am I.

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  1. The “true self” always comes from the heart as does your feelings of joy, sorrow, hurt, and love! So smile, cry, yell out and let everyone share your feelings and in return receive their love and understanding! This is great “stuff”!

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