“Find What You Love And Let It Kill You.”

I love mornings. And feeling silly just after waking up.
I love feeling protected by the love that surrounds me.
I love feeling the lightness in my chest and the weight in my head late at night when I’m talking to my best friend.
I love the cold, and how it reminds me of certain moments when I didn’t care about my purple fingertips or burning eyes.
I love the feeling of bliss when I’ve run out to the beach at 11 pm in my underwear.
I love laughing so hard my stomach hurts.
I love my favorite songs, and how certain lyrics just meld together and make so much sense.
I love balloons and watching them float away.
I love sparklers on holidays.
I love night-swimming.
I love the smell of you and how it lingers.
I love the words, “You’re so dumb”, said with a smirk.
I love giddy laughter and sad laughter and nervous laughter and sleepy laughter.
I love hearing voices get higher when they speak about something they love.
I love eyes that smile.
I love color, and how I know it’s a blessing when I see my favorite ones set the sky ablaze.
I love the night sky, and how gazing at the stars make me feel miniscule.
I love observing people’s quirks, and watching them fiddle with their hands during conversation.
I love the fire in my cheeks when someone compliments me, catching me off guard.
I love myself, and I’d be okay falling dead right this second if it means I’ve lived a life worth living.