Intro; About Me

So, this isn’t going to be my life story. But the important parts will go onto this blog… for everyone who wants to see it. And those important parts may transform a lot, hence the name, ArtsyRach— Artsy is a broad term that can be used to describe all sorts of artistic media (including writing, which is mostly what I’ll be doing) and even personality types such as mine (I hate to brag, but I mean, seriously); Urban Dictionary’s definition is, “One who not only enjoys the arts but also has a sense of style to reflect the scene”— which could generally sum up why I go from wearing pretty pink skirts to dark and tattered t-shirts in a nanosecond— sometimes even in the same outfit. But that’s beside the point. Just a heads-up though, I tend to talk a lot about worldwide social justice issues (and not in a social-justicey way). And also: personal topics in a way that others can reflect on, self-help prose, parts of my creative journey towards enlightenment, and other junk I care about. My ultimate goal is simply to inspire others. Young people like myself especially. Aspire to inspire, I guess you could say. So, to end my intro…here goes.