Golden Hues

I hold onto the edges of the rainbow
the color in between the blue and green
because that’s the color of your eyes.

I grasp the rain drops within my fists
And put them inside my pockets
With my spare change and crumpled up
Gum wrappers

I take a mental picture of the
Sky that’s
On fire
And how it lights up the
Golden hues
In your dark hair

I pinch together the thoughts
Of endless

And I find it
To let go of
the rapid beating
of my heart
And the
Thoughts that
Won’t shut off
Even when I am
the light-switch on my
white walls.

The golden hue of
Your hair
And the colors
Of the sky
And my goddamn
Wet gum wrappers
Fit the mood
Of irrelevancy,
Of love,
Of infatuation…

The swift movement
Of your long,

Oh god it’s wonderful,

Oh god it’s wonderful
To get out of bed
And feel okay
Just one day at a time

Oh god it’s wonderful
To love you like this
And to know you love me more

Oh god it’s wonderful
To feel light
And to feel powerful
And to know life’s alright

Oh god it’s wonderful
To love and to laugh
And to wonder about
Much more than what my life is

Oh god it’s wonderful
To run outside smiling
And for my fingers to be frozen
And for the love of my life to be out there
Beside me

Oh god it’s wonderful
To be grinning so big
And to feel all of my feelings at once
And to be so overwhelmed with love
That I give it out
To everyone.