Imagine this: a sea of stars above our heads. The ocean expands with each breath you take, with each beat of your heart, each new star that appears as our eyes adjust to the night. Your eyes are as dark as the sky, but dazzled with stars themselves. Bursting with ravishing beauty, I’m struck with awe and hold back “You make me weak”. Although I imagine you might like to hear something like that. But I wouldn’t want to ruin this brief moment of wonder with tales of how beautiful you are. I shouldn’t demolish this instant with idle conversation. We don’t have enough time here. Appreciating this for what it is, for what it could be, is the best decision I’ll ever make. I think all of this quietly, because the stars in your eyes make me wonder; just as the stars in the sky make you. Then, you catch me off guard. Turning over, you ask me, “What are you thinking about over there?” with a voice soft and watery. And because I love you, I say “Nothing” with a smile and lie down next to you, fingers running through your silky hair, and I think more about being wonder-struck and what it means to be in awe.

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